Joan Kennedy Taylor

Many of you knew Joan Kennedy Taylor -- anywhere from slightly to very well.
Joan was a regular at The Beer Bust, to the extent that such a thing was
possible for someone who lived in New York City. To my great delight, she
always thought of attending The Beer Bust as one of the highlights of any
trip she made to the West Coast. Through the 1990s, before she was
diagnosed with cancer, she came out at least once a year and invariably
contacted me in advance to make sure a Beer Bust would be taking place
during her time in the Bay Area. Some of you may recall her from those Beer
Busts she attended, or from her appearance at Free Exchange in the late
'90s. She died Saturday in New York from cancer and related kidney failure.
Had she lived, she would have been 79 in December.

Her son Michael Cook has teamed up with Andrea Rich of the Center for
Independent Thought in New York to create a blog in Joan's memory. Go here

to read the first post, a preliminary version of an obit I'm writing for
Joan. An expanded version of what you'll read at the blog will appear in a
few days on or elsewhere on the Internet. Yet another
version of it will probably run in the next issue of Liberty magazine.

If you knew Joan or knew her work and would like to comment, please do so.
Michael would be very pleased to see such posts.

Best wishes,