Jo Jorgensen for President - How the SF LP Can Help! [3 Attachments]

I'd like to thank Kevin Moore, the Contra Costa LP chair and national volunteer coordinator for the Jorgensen/Cohen campaign, for attending our local meeting yesterday.

  Unfortunately Kevin had to drop off the call before we got around to hearing from him, but he's sent me some suggestions (see below) about what local Libertarians and others can do to support Jo and Spike between now and November 3. Don't miss the additional info in the attached document!

  At our meeting yesterday, we voted to authorize the purchase of up to $500 in materials to promote our presidential ticket, so I will be looking into ordering supplies accordingly. If you have thoughts on what specific items you think we should order, or would like to volunteer to develop any of the ideas Kevin has sent or other efforts to help the campaign and the cause of freedom for which it stands, please post.

Love & Liberty,

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