JFK talks about security

Excellent talk by JFK about yesterday's Kremlin in Moscow and prescient of today's Kremlin on the Potomac.
President John F Kennedy Speech Warning Secret Societies (NWO)

Oh gee. What happened? The press now does gives us what we want to hear. Worse, it has no self discipline. The press, and the social media, compartmentalizes not informs, so we are all living in echo chambers. The "fourth branch" has gone the way of the other three.

Best line from the video: "What is the point of insuring the survival of our nation if its traditions do no survive with it."
Line I would add to the advice that the press ask "Is it in the interest of national security:" Is it objective information not intended to whip up viral Facebook posts?

As an aside. For some reason I was unable to access the video by clicking. So I Googled the full version on the Internet. The full version contains the usual funny introduction of all speeches. This introduction told the story about Karl Marx, while a correspondent of the New York Tribune, was on his last penny and begged the Tribune to advance him some money. When the Tribune refused, Marx quit the Tribune and decided to work on the egalitarian experiment. JFK says that if the Tribune had advanced Marx some money, history would have been different.

One of these days I will find time to read Marx's articles on the Tribune. https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/subject/newspapers/new-york-tribune.htm