January LP meeting minutes

Written by Denny Bailey
Friday, January 18, 2013
Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of January 12, 2013
Members Present: Aubrey Freedman (Chair), Marcy Berry (Vice Chair), Denny Bailey, and Leslie Mangus (Treasurer), Michael Edelstein.
Latecomers: David Peters
Visitors: Tuan Nguyen
Activist Reports:
We went around the table reporting on activism for this month. Starting our theme of education, Michael Edelstein suggest his reading "Our Enemy the State." by Albert J. Nock. Michael also continues to educate his colleagues on Libertarianism with monthly Skpe chats. Denny Bailey had little to say, but suggested that Libertarian remain active and engaged with our local community by volunteering, and emphasized the importance of education. Marcy Berry continues to work on the website and asked to allocate time for feedback from newcomer Tuan Nguyen. Les Magnus kept up his habit of writing letters to editors, and continues the discussion of education by suggesting the book "Where Keynes Went Wrong" by Hunter Lewis. Aubrey Freedman has also wrote letters to editors and content for the website.
See the website, www.LPSF.org, for current announcements of upcoming Bay Area events. Contact Marcy Berry to add items to the list. Events for the next month include:
Jim Elwood's monthly Beer Bust/Free Exchange at his home in Parkmerced, to be held February 2 2013, 7pm-midnight. Terry Eastwood will speak on computer privacy.
Libertarian Party of California Annual Convention in Sacramento April 5-7th 2013.
Michael distributed Richard Winger's Ballot Access News to all who were interested and announced his new E-book availability "Rational Drinking: How to Live With or Without Alcohol."
Treasurer's Report:
Les Mangus reported that the LPSF has $3,481.19 after pending deposits in its bank account.
Annual Elections:
Marcy Berry nominated Aubrey Freedman for Chair and was elected by unanimous decision. Aubrey Freedman nominated Marcy Berry for Vice Chair, also unanimously elected. Leslie Magnus was also reelected to Treasurer without opposition, after being nominated and thanked by Aubrey Freedman for his hard work. Audrey Freedman nominated Denny Bailey for Secretary, also a unanimous decision.
There was also some discussion of upcoming local elections and Aubrey urged everyone to educate and prepare.
Nullify NDAA:
Aubrey Freedman started with some great news. After a repeated attempts to find support with local legislatures, after two months received a response from David Chiu, stating he would be interested in introducing a proposal and has attorneys reviewing the language.
Pride Booth and JSA:
Party authorized $500 by unanimous decision for the Pride Parade both. Preliminary budget suggest less is needed but due to past success of this outreach event, it was decided to be well worth the cost. Additionally there was some discussion of find co-sponsors, if allowed, to defer costs and increase exposure. This event is June 29th and 30th and the booth is DBA Outright Libertarian.
Some discussion of outreach table at Junior State of America in April.
Plan Bay Area:
Aubrey Freedman urged everyone to reach out to local legislators to voice their concern with central planning. Additionally Aubrey would like us to thank KSFO for their support and there is some discussion of reaching out to Bob Zadek and his radio show for some support. Aubrey reiterated the importance of attending the open meetings and getting Libertarians heard.
Marcy Berry started by taking suggestions for the website from our guest. Denny Bailey moved the discussion to obtaining emails for registered San Francisco Libertarians in which Aubrey Freedman pledged to updating our records of local supporters so we can get the word out and possibly gain more volunteers for local issues and events.
Marcy also introduced a template for our local Parties' vision and plan, and while there was agreement on most areas, overall this was not adopted.
During this discussion we did come to agreement to support other local organization and people who may not be Libertarian, but have similar goals. To this end Michael Edelstein garnered support for Code Pink, whose anti-war protest deserve our voice and support, and provide a channel for us to extend Liberty.

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