It's 11am, do we know where our rebuttal is?

I think this is great what Starchild is doing. This is the most important
issue facing state and local governments all across America and it is an
issue that Libertarians can finally win on.

Without addressing the particular issues involving the San Francisco
proposition, too often voters approve debts that somebody else will have to
pay years from now.

Every city has huge amounts of money, billions of dollars, tied up in
pension obligations. The San Francisco plan, that creates even more
obligations, is terrible and the voters need to be told that.

Japan has a nifty solution to this problem. The Minister of Finance of
Japan recently suggested that all elderly retired people in Japan should
commit suicide, to save the Japanese Government of the obligation to pay
their pensions !!

Sam Sloan

Thank you, Sam. You're kidding about Japan, right? I can't believe their finance minister would say that. Not too much is really shocking in politics, to me anyway, but that would be pretty shocking.

  Have you heard anything about your case to get the candidates on the ballot to whom you donated access money? Good luck on that. Hope they are planning to run strongly libertarian campaigns if they get the chance.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

I am not kidding. The Finance Minister of Japan did say exactly that.

Do a search and you will find it. If not I will find a link for you.

I am right in a hotel in Albany New York to argue my appeal tomorrow

Wish me luck although everybody here thinks I have no chance.

Sam Sloan