Items for Nov 14 Agenda?

The skeleton agenda is here:

Let me know if you have items for it.


Dear Rob;

the initiatives for the either first time home buyers property tax relief for 5 years or permit license fees relief for small minimum wage earning micro loan start up businesses for 5 years.

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I'm hoping we can add an agenda item, about whether anyone might be willing to volunteer to be Christina Tobin's campaign treasurer when she runs for Secretary of State. She lives in Marin County. She is new to California so doesn't generally know Libertarians in this state. I had been hoping she could come to the meeting, but she will be in Illinois. She has a professional petition-circulating company and she needs to defend some of her clients if they are challenged. Illinois petitions to run in the 2010 primary were all due Nov. 2, 2009. It's the most ridiculously early filing for a primary in the nation. Illinois holds its congressional and state office primary in 2010 in February, of all things.

This would make a good announcement for the Announcements portion of the
agenda, i.e. "Christina Tobin is looking for a campaign treasurer."

What I need for New Business are things that ultimately be phrased in the
form of a motion, e.g., "I move that we send an email to our membership
asking for volunteers for Christina Tobin's campaign treasurer." So the
agenda item would be "Email to membership to find volunteers for Tobin
campaign treasurer."


  Please don't forget to add the Activist Forum item.

Love & Liberty,
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