It is time to take action

We have spent too much time talking about the Bradley Manning and Edward
Snowden cases and doing nothing. We need to take action.

We should have San Francisco Airport renamed the Bradley Manning Airport,
must as the Idlewild Airport was renamed the John F. Kennedy Airport in

Then, we should have Union Square in San Francisco renamed the Edward
Snowden Square. We can call it Snowden Square for short, in honor of the
fact that it never snows in San Francisco.

Sam Sloan

And you will accomplish BTW, interestingly, Supervisor Campos' attempt to rename SFO "Harvey Milk" went nowhere.



I've got it! I've got it!

Let's start a movement to have it renamed "The Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Harvey Milk ********* International Airport".
I put some spaces in case someone wanted to add some additional name(s).
Oh Wait. You know this is going to dissolve into a fiery debate about what order the names should be listed.
Oh well, there goes another idea down the drain.


I assume that's sarcasm, as neither secures anyone's liberty, now or in the future.

But I agree, action is needed. Unfortunately, there is no organization to do diddly-squat but whine. The Libertarian Society is begun to remedy that condition.

I am now beginning to agree with John that Sam was being sarcastic...maybe.


We're just getting started. We have Yosemite and GG Bridge to rename too. And the Bay Bridge? Please! It should be the Nolan Bridge. It connects the Mainland to Fairyland.

I think it is going a bit too far to call San Francisco "Fairy Land".

We get more latitude in comedy central.