Isolationism vs. Head In the Sand - A Retrospective on Robert Taft ( Who? )

Dear Everyone;

A well documented article about Republican Senator Robert Taft who was in office through 1930's to early 1950's. While he was a Republican his beliefs were very Libertarian in the limited role government should have on people lives. He was an isolationist in the sense he did not want any entangling agreements or commitments or obligations with other countries.

His viewpoints are perfect talking points on the Libertarian principles of a non-intervention foreign policy unless there is a direct threat to life and property in the US. Too bad his viewpoints were ignored or denigrated. His statements about the consequences of those entanglements have born fruit from Korea to Vietnam to Iraq. And as a result " WE THE PEOPLE " have paid the price with our lives and literally trillions of wasted tax dollars.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian