[isf23] Qyestions from Earl Tapia


  I think you make an excellent point about IDs and how they just make it easier to round people up. These same politicians claim to support medical cannabis, but do they order the SFPD to uphold state law by protecting cannabis dispensaries against federal raids? No. The record indicates that just as Earl says, when it comes time to defend our rights, they will spinelessly cave.

  They claim that city I.D. is needed to allow undocumented migrants to access various services. But there is a much better solution -- make it illegal for these service agencies to ask people for identification. In other words, stop trying to control people so much. Yes, no doubt this would lead to some increase in fraud, etc. But it would save all kinds of time and money currently wasted checking IDs, tracking people via databases, etc., not to mention make it significantly more difficult to implement a full-on police state.

Love & Liberty,
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