Is she a Libertarian??? She should be!!

Dear Everyone;

Does anyone know this person who wrote a Letters To The Editor in today's Chronicle ( 1/8/04)? She expresses some Libertarian sentiments but I do not know if she is a Libertarian. Does anyone know any way of getting to the Chronicle or of finding a Karen Fink in Oakland and getting her Libertarian information. If she isn't a party member she should be. Who does Outreach? Start reaching out quickly.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

They died for nothing
Editor -- A detail in your Jan. 6 article, "U.S. to kill 450 quarantined calves to stem mad cow fears," perfectly illustrates how the structure of our tax system combined with concessions to industry forces taxpayers to lose millions of dollars each year in wasted funds.
The article explains that an entire herd of cattle must be destroyed because one unknown bull calf in its midst may be infected with mad cow disease. The USDA will reimburse the owner for the value of 450 calves to be slaughtered. If beef producers had to charge more to make up for losses incurred by sick herds, they would be less competitive than producers who use safer, cleaner practices.
When taxpayers pay for the costs of sick cattle through government reimbursements to industry, we are robbed of our market power to influence industry. We have no way to signal to beef producers that we prefer healthier food, and that selling infected cattle comes with a cost. Instead, the taxpayers bail these producers out, our taxes increase and our food remains unsafe.