Iraq demo

I just wanted to say that based on what Jay Lyon says below, I think
those of you at the last meeting deserve kudos for handling this very
well (even though my own personal views on the Iraq situation differ).

Yours in liberty,
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From: Jay Lyon <>(by way of "Christopher R.
Maden" <>)
Date: Sun Sep 14, 2003 11:02:02 PM US/Pacific
Subject: Iraq demo
Reply-To: Jay Lyon <>(by way of "Christopher R.
Maden" <>)

Dear Libertarians:
Thanks for giving me time to speak to you at your Saturday meeting. I
plan to give the following report to ANSWER. Do you think it's
accurate? Anything you'd like to change or add? Thanks, Jay

I went to an SF Libertarian party meeting Saturday to talk about our
Sep 28 demo. All the attendees oppose the occupation of Iraq and
Israel. Most had reservations about attending our rally, though,
because they didn't want to seem to be endorsing ANSWER's leftist
anti- capitalism, or perhaps the suggestion that the government should
regulate more aspects of (economic) life. They want a small
government. They wish the demo were confined to expressing opposition
to war only, not focussing on corporations or class warfare. However,
some members said their party might endorse the event under the
following conditions:
1) Either the Libertarians knew in advance what the speakers would say
and could determine whether they agreed, OR
2) A Libertarian was allowed to speak.

The Libertarians would prefer a single-issue event against occupation.
They said they had collaborated successfully with the Greens on issues
like instant-runoff voting because the Greens were respectful of
Libertarian positions. They thought that ANSWER was too
uncompromising and noted that ANSWER had not replied to their emails
or questions in the past.

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