Invitation to televised Pros/Cons Discussion

Hi Nati,

  Sorry you haven't been able to find a "Yes on A" speaker, but thanks for letting me know. Sure, keep me posted and hopefully we can reschedule.

  Considering who the sponsors are though, it's a little surprising no one's available, don't you think? Two supervisors and the mayor sponsored this measure, and all 11 Supervisors voted to put the thing on the ballot. Each supervisor has at least three aides, and probably Harvey Rose alone knows how many aides the mayor has. With all those folks working full time -- and getting paid good salaries with our money to do it -- you'd think one of them might be able to find an hour or so to walk the couple blocks from City Hall over to the library and do this taping.

  Unless of course they've decided that it's not in their interests to debate someone from the Libertarian Party. After all, Nancy Pelosi refuses year after year to debate her opponents, yet keeps getting reelected like clockwork, and the media and other civic groups mostly let her get away with it with scarcely a complaint. The mayor and board have such a huge advantage in terms of campaign resources, visibility, and so on, they may simply figure there's no percentage for them in meeting opponents of Prop A on a basically level playing field.

  If that is what's going on, and the League ends up responding by not taping a segment on Measure A, no doubt that would suit them just fine. It might even become a repeated strategy in cases where they figure they've got a fairly low-profile measure with not much organized opposition. Therefore I hope that if you are unable after diligently searching to find someone to represent the pro-A perspective, the taping will be scheduled anyway with an empty chair representing the other side.

Love & Liberty,
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Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco

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– John Dickenson (1732-1808) in The Political Writings of John Dickinson, Esquire Vol. I (1801), Letter XI



Thanks, Nati. Hopefully you're right that that's all it is. I confess that when it comes to government I am quite cynical, and other possibilities naturally occurred to me. Anyway I'm glad the League is committed to rescheduling, and look forward to hearing back when you have news. Good luck with it.

Love & Liberty,
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