Invitation to speak at D3 Dems Club meeting on Zoom (Thurs., Sept. 3, 630pm)

We’ve been invited by the District 3 Democratic Club to speak at their Zoom meeting this coming Thursday, against 6 different local ballot measures!

Prop. A (housing bond)
Prop. B (creation of new Sanitation Dept.)
Prop. F (business tax overhaul)
Prop. I (property transfer tax)
Prop. J (education parcel tax)
Prop. L (tax increase based on CEO/worker pay disparity)

I presented at their previous meeting this past Thursday, against Prop. K, and for my State Assembly candidacy. Not sure how many folks they had in attendance as I called in (Jeff and Greg were also listening by phone so none of us could see the full screen of everyone logged in), and I didn’t get too much time (supposedly 5 minutes for each, plus 5 minutes each Q&A; it didn’t even feel that long!), but I think it went fairly well. Anyway, I told the organizer we’d be happy to speak on other measures, and he followed up with this invite.

Now we just need speakers! I could argue against all of them in a pinch, but some help would be great. I think having multiple presenters would reflect better on the LPSF and maybe allow each of us to focus in more tightly on one or two of the measures. Also a chance to hone your public speaking/presenting abilities. Is anyone available that evening and feel up to telling members of the D3 Democrats why they should oppose one or more of these propositions?

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

From: Howard

Posted by: Starchild

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I am unavailable that night. Sorry about that.


I spoke to Howard Wong of the D3 Democratic Club, and we've postponed the presentations we had scheduled for today. They are having a series of events, and he said the LPSF could take part in the next one (I told him there was a conflict with our rally for Spike Cohen today). I believe the new date/time will be Thurs. Sept. 17, 620pm, but will confirm this.

  He said they are inviting people to speak for and against both local and state ballot measures, and it sounded like we'd be welcome to present for or against any of them, state or local that we'd like to share our positions on. I hope the extra time will make it possible for some other folks to participate – nobody else had volunteered for this afternoon. I know some of you have good thoughts to share on this stuff; this would be a good opportunity to voice them. Howard said he believes 28 people were on Zoom for the last one.

  So if you'd like to argue the libertarian view for or against any of these measures, please let me know!

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
(415) 625-FREE

Starchild, I would be willing to make the Libertarian case in favor of G;
although I anticipate our opponents will already have speakers ready to
speak in favor.