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Hi Peter, Welcome!

1. Our monthly meetings are open to the public! We meet on the
second Saturday of every month. We may have a new meeting location
next month, so watch for the announcement.

2. To be a *voting* member, you only have to *not* be registered
in a different party. Decline-to-state registration is fine.
However, we do require all voting members to sign the following

    "I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a
    means of achieving political or social goals."

3. To be an *officer* in the party, you must be registered

LPSF Chair

Peter Krembs wrote:

Right now, I am a registered Independent. My question is-- do I need to
a registered Libertarian in order to participate in the local party?

Nope. There is a requirement that party officers be registered as
Libertarians, if they are registered to vote, but not for anyone else.

We welcome everyone who is interested in making the government smaller
than it is now. Some of us want to trim the state back; others want to
abolish it altogether. Some want to completely legalize all chemicals;
others want purity and age-of-consent controls on psychoactives. Some
want to completely eliminate taxation; others want to nearly eliminate
taxation, but keep some revenue for the government. But all of us think
that we have too much government right now.

As for your current job, well... when we succeed in eliminating it, we'll
help you find a new one. (-:


Chris Maden,

Excellent response! Truth and humor are a great combination.

All the best,

Don Fields