Introducing myself

Hi I'm Nathan(aka Nate) I just recently got re-registered here in California, I've lived between Georgia and California for quite some time now. And while I've voted split ticket(Libertarian-Democrat) and am registered in Georgia as a Republican. I'm openly gay, and my husband, is pretty much a conservative log cabin republican.

I've always been socially liberal and fiscally moderate to conservative. Over the past 4 years here in California, I've never voted. I would have voted for Richard Riordan, but when Simon won the primary I supported Gray Davis. Last Presidential election none of the 3 big candidates appealed to me, but I voted for Al Gore, he lost Georgia. The Libertarian candidate was a little far out into right field for me.

However in the last 2 Georgia gubenatorial elections, I've voted for Libertarians for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. I've voted for only one republican in Georgia over the last 10 years, even though I am registered as a Republican.

I am something of a left-libertarian, I want smaller government, but more efficient government. I support social freedoms, non-discrimination laws, gay marriage, etc, but am opposed to affirmative action, tons of immigration, etc.

I and my husband own a few markets throughout Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County, we have a house in San Francisco and a condo in San Diego. We love California, and have decided to make it our permenant home.

Hi Nate,

We have a Political Chat every Wednesday of the week
at a place called the Sheesh Mahal, which serves
Indian food, coffee, beer, wine, etc. There is usually
one or two topics that we informally talk about,
debate, or listen to. All political affiliations are
encouraged to drop by. The purpose is to hear what
others have to say about solutions to different
topics. Bring as many people that you think may be
interested in "talking politics." The place is on Polk
St. between Post and Sutter and begins at 7:00 PM and
usually lasts until 10:00 PM. Hope to see you there.
Keep checking this LPSF Discuss e-mail for topics that
will be discussed.

Dave Barker.

--- Nathan Fitzgerald <natefitzgerald2001@...>

Thanks for the invite, but I am gonna be in San Diego for the next two weeks for business and HR training for my managers. Once I and John get back to San Fransisco we might be able to get things in order. I've heard of this restaurant but have never had the chance to go there.

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