International Forecaster July 2008 (#9) - Gold, Silver, Economy + More

This describes the massive fraud of fannie mae, freddie mac. It also describes thecrime of short selling.

What it does not say is that short selling is one of the tools used by the banksters to control the MSM. for example in 1972 or so, when Walter Chronkite put on CBS a one hour special on watergate that connected the dots for the american public, the chairman of CBS was called by Nixon's personal lawyer and told that if he did not shut Walter up, then CBS stock would be shorted into oblivian., or taken over.

Since then ,every MSM outlet has been bought out by wallstreet financed deals, and Rupert has had access to infinite wall street funds to buy the biggest media empire in the world. Wall street is the benefactor, the only benefactor of direct infusions of cashfrom the Federal Reserves money creation machine. Only the New York Fed member banks get to do business with the Fed, at least up to the last year. Now they opened the gates even to favored hedge funds, plus invsestment banks.

Do not be lulled to sleep. Financial calamities happen all the time, and it's our turn.