This should be interesting.

I think the theater does more to shape culture than anything else but technology.

The interactive theater of video games is a new dimension. However, most have very rudimentary themes.
Maybe this will take it to the next level.

Try countering the c--p that your kids are fed in school, on the Internet, on Sesame Street. Totally, we are talking about "theater" shaping young minds, and culture. No libertarian equivalent to Sesame Street? We are too busy conversing with the converted? Even some well-crafted, well promoted videos would help?


Ya think?! How about my all time favorite creepy show, Teletubbies, AKA, introduction to the Borg. :slight_smile:

When we have our coalitions built, we will have the resources to produce better stuff. It's a buyer's market for animation and special effects. Good creative shows attract capital and make money for the syndicates that put them together.

Ultimately, liberty must make more money than serfdom or it can't pay the bills.