Interesting stories of the day

24- Best news in Russian election: "Against all" vote increasing
Moscow Times
   "Of the 58 million [Russian] voters who turned up at
   polling stations, 4.8 percent chose to cast their
   ballots against all 23 political parties and blocs in
   what political analysts saw as a sign of waning trust in
   politicians. .... According to preliminary figures, the
   number of people who voted against all parties grew from
   3.3 percent in 1999 ..." (12/9/03)

17) There's no such thing as bad publicity
    Ananova [UK]

"Christmas sales of Adolf Hitler wine have reached a record high
thanks to publicity generated by attempts to ban it in both Brussels
and Berlin. Wine-grower Alessandro Lunardelli started selling the
bottles of Hitler wine in 1995 after the success of his Mussolini
label back home in Italy. He has already made a fortune but says this
Christmas sales have 'gone through the roof' thanks to the interest
generated by publicity over attempts to ban his wine. 'Getting sued
was the best thing that could have happened,' Lunardelli said."