Interesting stories of the day, from rrnd

CA: Police spies chosen to lead protest
San Francisco Chronicle
"Two Oakland police officers working undercover at an anti-war protest
in May 2003 got themselves elected to leadership positions in an effort
to influence the demonstration, documents released Thursday show. The
department assigned the officers to join activists protesting the U.S.
war in Iraq and the tactics that police had used at a demonstration a
month earlier, a police official said last year in a sworn deposition.
At the first demonstration, police fired nonlethal bullets and bean bags
at demonstrators who blocked the Port of Oakland's entrance in a protest
against two shipping companies they said were helping the war effort.
Dozens of activists and longshoremen on their way to work suffered
injuries ranging from welts to broken bones and have won nearly $2
million in legal settlements from the city." (07/28/06)

The story of the GI anti-war movement
by Michael Donnelly
"David Zeiger's 'Sir! No Sir!' documentary chronicles the 'seditious'
Anti-war Movement of active duty GI's and their supporters during the
Vietnam War. This lost, er, stolen, from our collective memory Movement
had as much or more to do with the US Military Machine's eventual
abandonment of its devastating multi-million corpse-creating SE Asian
wet dream as did its civilian counterpart." (08/06/06)