Interesting stories of the day, from rrnd

29) US out of Las Vegas!
Rad Geek People's Daily
by Rad Geek

"It's not that I don't want the whole U.S., or indeed the entire earth
to be free soil; it's not even that I think either couldn't be free
soil in the forseeable future. They could; I hope they will; if I can
help, I will. But Las Vegas is where I live, and where Southern Nevada
ALL intends to act, and I think it's immensely important to begin
there, and not to sell yourself on the idea that action has to be
directed against the largest possible targets, or, more importantly at
trying to strike some decisive blow at those targets that will somehow
defeat Power everywhere and forever. Real empires almost never fall
that way, unless they are conquered by some outside force, usually
another rising empire, and for anarchists that's not an acceptable
option. So we need to think about getting the empire to crumble, not
to implode, and to help it along by chiseling wherever and as hard as
we can." (06/24/08)

47) "Libertarian" Barr panders to racists and bigots
Classically Liberal
by CLS

"This blog has argued that the reason Barr, Viguerie and other
conservatives were trying to take over the (formerly) Libertarian
Party was to turn it into a vehicle to attack the Republicans for
nominating McCain. They want to strip votes away from McCain on the
Right so that he will lose. This, they hope, will bring back the
dominance that the far Right previously held in the party, but which
they lost out to the neo-cons. In other words their goal is NOT to
build the (formerly) Libertarian Party but to use the party as a means
of taking over the Republican Party. ... one result is that we know
have the spectacle of a Libertarian candidate playing up immigrant-
bashing to pander to the racists that permeate the Right." (06/27/08)