Interesting more for who is saying it

BOB BARR: Death Penalty Disgrace
THERE is no abuse of government power more egregious than executing an
innocent man. But that is exactly what may happen if the United States
Supreme Court fails to intervene on behalf of Troy Davis. To execute
Troy Davis without having a court hear the evidence of his innocence
would be unconscionable and unconstitutional.

Dear All;

Some Troy Davis FYI from Wikipedia which more or less is presenting a straightforward analysis of the case and why so many people are in an uprorar over the case and why there is substantial reasons to believe a "miscarriage of justice" may have occurred through "eye witness" coercion by members of the local Georgia PD. What coercion by the PD in a small local town in Georgia??? I'm shocked I'm shocked - there's gambling going on in the back room!!.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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