Interest in Libertarian team for AIDS Walk?

My co-worker and I who have traded off each year organizing our company's AIDS Walk team have decided that our company's participation has dwindled to the point that we'd rather form/join other groups outside work for AIDS Walk.

Would there be interest in an LP or Outright Libertarians team this year? I'd like to see Libertarians visibly involved in more charitable activities (and get the photos up on the web) to deflect criticisms that we're all selfish corporatists. Libertarians in general are probably more generous than average, but we typically contribute as individuals or as parts of other groups (at work, or church, etc.). Meanwhile, Greens, Democrats and even Republicans make a point of showcasing their contributions to the community. We should do the same. No banners or signs on sticks or anything like that, but I plan to wear either an LPSF or Outright sweatshirt, hat, and bag and would encourage others to do the same, so we're identifiable as a team.

It's Sunday morning, July 20. If you're interested, you can see the details at:

Speak up if you'd like to participate, and cast your vote for it being an LP team or an Outright team.




   I think doing more visible charity involvement is a laudable goal, but my personal preference is for the LPSF or Outright not to lend its support to this particular event. I won't be hugely upset if one of the groups does, but I won't personally participate, as I simply have too many doubts about the conventional AIDS theory which groups like the SF AIDS Foundation are dedicated to promoting. I suspect that many or maybe even most of the gays who died in the U.S. of "AIDS" actually died as a result of being poisoned by the highly toxic drug AZT which the "experts" told them to take after being diagnosed as HIV-positive but not necessarily being seriously ill, and this has never been properly acknowledged by the AIDS establishment (see ).

Love & Liberty,
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