Intent and effect / The monopoly on public space


Govt-expropriated property does not belong to the Govt.

It belongs to whomever uses (homesteads) it, whether you call them "the
Occupy movement," "libertarians," or "Les Mangus."

Study libertarian homesteading theory for details:

Warm regards, Michael

Unfortunately, we (LPSF or you and me) are not dealing with libertarian homestead theory.


Yes, that is unfortunate. But no time like the present to start educating people.


May I point out that the Occupiers are generally not on "unowned" or "expropriated" land? Most are in public parks, bought and maintained with tax money, and controlled by elected officials. Nobody has any right to "homestead" a city park. If the land is not being well-used, the city should sell it to pay off some of the public debt.
Harland HarrisonLP of San Mateo County CA

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. At last....another libertarian who agrees
somewhat with me. Although I think you meant "unexpropriated" land.