In Defense of Lee And Jackson

Mike,My ancestors were there in New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.
What do you want to know?

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Don’t need to know about your ancestors John….we already know there was slavery in the North. Hopefully your ancestors weren’t among the slavers. In fact In 1741 Manhattan had the second-largest slave population of any city in the Thirteen Colonies after Charleston, South Carolina. Slavery was a product of the North. Slave ships in hundreds left from New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut for Africa. Philadelphia, PA was a major harbor there too. When the slave trade was outlawed in 1808, Northern slavers sold contraband slaves to the South, West Indies or South America. The North grew rich from the slave trade. Once they figured out they could capitalize on desperately poor European immigrants for labor without buying them, they stopped using expensive imported negros.

While not directed towards you or your family personally John, there is a myth about morally superior Yankees in this discussion.

REMEMBER….slavery was not just blacks in the South…there was lots of slavery of Irish and others too in the North and South. Those were my ancestors. I love my collective white guilt – smile

The point is that there’s a lot of blame to go around about slavery and the Civil War. The myth of what happened up to, including and after the Civil War is just that. A myth. Much of the real truth is being conveniently buried to try to make some look good and others to look bad. And both sides keep trying to shovel dirt over a truth that will not die. That’s why it seems so important for us to continue having these discussions. Because the subject matter is still not settled. The truth must be told and known.