In Defense of Lee And Jackson

The slave-state governments were a refractory criminal enterprise.

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They were pretty much all slave states to different degrees. And they were all refractory criminal enterprises as they are today.


I was born and grew up in Virginia.
While it is true the Republican Party had an anti-slavery expansion program
in their platform, they did not advocate the abolition of slavery. They
only opposed the expansion of slavery into the new states such as
California. The Missouri Compromise was supposed to decide which new states
would be slave states and which new states would be free.
It was the Supreme Court Decision of Dred Scott vs. Stanford that
invalidated the Missouri Compromise and led to the Civil War.
The main reason was Lincoln was elected with only about 40% of the vote.
This happened because there were four major party candidates running who
split the vote.
The war started because General Beauregard fired on Fort Sumpter. He should
have negotiated. By the way, General Beauregard was a mullato, half-black
and half-white, an interesting fact long overlooked.
The CNN commentators make ridiculous statements about this and have
obviously not studied history
Sam Sloan

Thank you Sam….very interesting.