IMPORTANT: Mandatory curfew and civic demonstrations

You don't support this authoritarian crap, do you Gordon? And why should police officers be exempt from the curfew, when it was the actions of police that precipitated the recent violence?

  We the People have the right to go out and peacefully protest the murder of George Floyd if we choose, and to go about our daily lives as we choose, so long as not violating the rights of others. If some people initiate violence or vandalize businesses, those individuals should be the ones to face any legal restrictions or other consequences – especially if they wear uniforms. The rest of us should be left alone and not treated like misbehaving children told to take a time out and stay in their rooms!

  How about doing something to reduce the potential for violence and abuse by law enforcement personnel here in SF? How about requiring police to automatically provide copies of their police reports to victims, suspects, and witnesses, and include the personal contact info of reporting officers and their superiors on those reports, so that people will have the opportunity to spot any "discrepencies" and follow up to get the record corrected?

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
Chair, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
(415) 625-FREE

Yes....thank you.