I'm scared, no kidding

Hi all,

I have attached a simple plot of M1, M2, and M3 made from data taken from the Fed site. M3 is apparently the most out of control, having started only double M1, and is now much, much more than double. Since 1960, it has gone from $0.3T to $10T, and increase of 33-fold. Or, an indication that a 1960 dollar may only be worth about 3 cents.

No wonder they stopped making silver coins!


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Can you post the URL?

-- Steve

PS. In general, can folks here provide source URLs when posting info?

Precisely what M1, M2, and M3 are and how each of them relate to each other and matter in the overall picture is still unclear to me, but this certainly *sounds* ominous. Has there been any talk of filing a request for the info under the Freedom of Information Act? It would also be interesting to see a Fifth Amendment challenge on the grounds that one can't know whether one's right not to be deprived of private property (the value of one's dollars) without just compensation has been violated, if one is denied access to the information necessary to determine how much has been taken.

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Hi all,

I have attached a simple plot of M1, M2, and M3 made from data taken from the Fed site. M3 is apparently the most out of control, having started only double M1, and is now much, much more than double. Since 1960, it has gone from $0.3T to $10T, and increase of 33-fold. Or, an indication that a 1960 dollar may only be worth about 3 cents.

No wonder they stopped making silver coins!


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Would either of you please explain the importance of publishing the M3
figure? It looks like the sum M2 plus several additional accounts, foreign
bank deposits, etc. Can hiding this number possibly conceal inflation?
What is M3 used for? Does it help investors predict interest rate? Could
the now secret M3 calculation be leaked to insiders who could use it to
speculate in currency or bonds? What significance does M3 have?


Harland Harrison
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of San Mateo County, CA


I agree with you here. It's shocking to me that they would cease
publication of M3. Where is the outrage in the media? Very little
commentary on this today apart from a few gold-bug sites.

This is a very bad sign.

The Fed has
decided that
transparency is
undesirable as
they continue to
inflate the money
supply. Therefore
they will no
longer publish m3
money supply
figures effective
in march. Keep it
secret and no one
will notice, and
no one will care
but freaks like
me. I would escape
and go off the
grid but that is
not an option for

Also, sorry I
missed the
meeting, but I was
with an old buddy
and when he said
he was going to a
documentary about
the Ballet Russe,
I could not
refuse.. Ballet,
it's a gay thing.
you wouldn't
well maybe you
would. Fantastic,
it was about a
reunuon of all
these old geezers
who used to dance
for the ballet
Russe of Monte
Carlo, and The
Original Ballet
Russe, as opposed
to the original
Ballet Russe. It
was beautiful and
inspiring. The
world burned
around them twice
and they danced
through it all,

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On this very board over the past several
months that I have been dabating with
monetarists and Keynesians about the
fraud of the fractional reserve banking
system, I have repeatedly posted a link to
m3 figures provided by the St Lois Fed. I
have also discussed the fraud of the repo
pool and it's predictive value in the dow
and s and p, another data set that will be

Here is the m3 from the fed for the present


It's gone from around 7.2 trillion to about
10 trillion. Thats almost 40 percent in 6
short years. My disability payment did not
go up in that time. I guess thats a good
thing, because at some point , blind or not
I'm gonna have to go back to work if my
gold and moly picks don't pan out. I can do
it I'm smart and resilient, but how about
the other blind and disabled folks. No way
can you make it on ssi in this town. Or
how about all the just plain old folks with
fixed benefit pensions, or dollar
denominated savings in states without
prop 13 and freezing with 500 dollar gas
bills just to keep the pipes from freezing.
Where is the compassion in that. That link
you just looked at tells such a powerfvul
story, that the Fed has to go underground
with the data. Mr. Bernankes stated policy
is to inflate. The system is in inflate or die
mode. Not just in the us but around the
globe. With the figures not being published
the Fed has a free hand to inflate secretely,
and kids themselves into thinking they can
control inflationary expectations. The whole
excuse for walking away from the
constitutional prohibition against fiat money
was because the Fed was supposeed to
stabilize prices and enable a more
compassionate world. Tell me where is the
compassion in impoverishing elderly and
disabled savers and elderly and disabled
pensioners while enriching real estate
gamblers and ponzi artists. Paris may be
not the only place that burns. So sad, so
vary very sad. What good will my gold do if
all that I cherish is lost in a maelstrom of
fear and hate. We can work to right the
wrongs, and bring some sense out of the
ashes. I wish I could say that all coud be
fixed if we did x y and z. But the piper
must be paid. The only hope is that once
he is, we can learn that freedom and
honesty and hard money are the keys to a
compassionate and prosperous life.

Here is financialsense.com's take on the
cessation of M3 reporting and repo
but before that you may want to know what
the ppt is...

The one point I want to add to Safehavens
article is that the FOMC report for the last
three monts showed a big increse in the
purchases of mortgage backed securities. It
is speculated that the Fed was buying
mortgages that were in default because the
underlying property was uninsured for flood
and destroyed by Katrina or Rita. The
outright purchase of bad paper is higly
inflationary. It may be that the Fed in it's
attempts to reign in the real estate bubble
by raising rates may be preparing to bail out
the banks left holding the bag on defaulted
mortgages, exploding m3.

the definition of a repo pool is also needed
for safe haven's article. Remeber, I called
the Wimpy pool after the warner brothers
cartoon character who would gladly pay you
tuesday for a hamburger today. When the
Fed wants to increase the money in the
system quickly it calls up the mamber banks
in the new york fed and asks them to bid on
how much interest they will pay if the fed
lets them hold a few billion bucks for a
week. The highest interest bid wins. This is
an ongoing activity and the total volume of
loans made this way is called the repo pool.
the pool really filled up after 9 11. the article
goes on to explain what much of the money
loaned by the Fed is probably used for.
Gosh, I wish I didn't know know this stuff, I
would much rather be a happy little cirquit
boy dancing in my lime green tights on the

I mean safe haven, and maybe this link will work




  Now you're starting to sound like Jeanine. 8) Not to dismiss what you're saying, I can sympathize with the perspective...

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