Illegal Immigration


  I strongly disagree that immigration is a net burden to people living in the United States. It has clearly been a net benefit. You can find copious documentation of this at,, etc. That fact that there has historically been relatively easy access to this collective compared to other national collectives, with the collective being open to people of all backgrounds, is a major part of what has made the U.S. the most wealthy and powerful collective on earth. You can analogize it to a collective where government allows relatively free trade and investment, compared with those where the governments do not. Which do you think is going to do better? I'm sure you've often heard it expressed that "our people are our greatest resource", or words to that effect. Well where did the people come from? Almost all of them (us) can trace roots back to immigrants. It's a real shame, imho, that some people want to pull the ladder up after them.

  The logic that says we must betray and destroy the ideas of Western Civilization (e.g. violate the Constitution with federal border controls) in order to save it does not appeal to me either. Nor does the idea that we have "Judeo-Christian" culture to thank for American progress. You don't hear the people who like to use that phrase talking about the Middle East having a "Judeo-Christian-Islamic" culture, even though Islam grew out of the Jewish and Christian religious traditions (the "people of the Book"). What's best about Western Civilization are the secular Enlightenment ideas that supplanted the grip of religion, not the religious legacy that they had to overcome in order to have the influence that they have. Likewise it is not the presence of another "religion of the Book" (Islam) that makes the Middle East relatively culturally backward, it is the relative lack of universalist, individualist Enlightenment values. I see little evidence that "Western" values flourished among non-Islamic religious groups in the Middle East significantly more than among the Islamic population there.

  I also use a different "we" than you do. I think "we" are, depending upon the context, either the individuals who generally believe in freedom, or humanity as a whole, not simply an arbitrary and non-individualist based group of people who happen to be recognized by some government as having some arbitrary status ("citizens") based primarily on accidents of birth.

  Finally, I'm not sure what you think "Cultural Marxism" has to do with any of this. The Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, and other Marxist countries have not exactly been known for having open border policies – rather just the opposite.

  By the way, in my previous comment I meant to say "The Constitution authorizes Congress..." not "Congress authorizes Congress..." even though that is sometimes how they seem to be operating when it comes to immigration and other topics.

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