Ideas for LGBTQ outreach


  I applaud your initiative. Although issues are important, the manner
in which you go about your activism will probably make more difference
than which particular issues you choose. For instance, try dressing in
drag and handing out condoms at a bar, bath house, or circuit party
along with your fliers.

  Here's an idea for a gay outreach flier: A picture of a good-looking
guy's butt with the caption "Nice Ass," next to a picture of a donkey
labeled "Democratic Party" and the caption "Not Nice Ass." Underneath
the photos, the words "Tell the politicians you won't kiss their ass
any more. Vote Libertarian!" I'm sure you can think of some good text
for a message on the flip side, but let me know if you decide to do it
and could use further suggestions.

Yours in liberty,
                <<< Starchild >>>

I'm looking for help in writing some outreach material for the local
gay community in Laguna Beach. Unfortunately, in a place where
nearly 25% of the adults are gay and nearly 50% of the adult men
are gay, I have yet to find any Libertarians.

I'm not extremely discouraged by that, since I know my job as an
activist, officer times two and a candidate is one of education.
I just need a place to begin.

What are the main issues I should focus on? Especially those
in contrast to the gay community's usual political home, the
Democratic Party.

I think I can do pretty well with the solutions to the issues
and framing our positions. I just want to know where to focus.

Any other ideas, suggestions and commentary welcome.

Bruce Cohen
LPCA Board of Directors
LPOC Board of Directors
Libertarian US Congressional Candidate

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> Jeff,
> Who said anything about "special privileges?" That is the code-phrase
> that right-wingers typically use any time an argument of equal rights
> for sexual minorities comes up, since they can't muster any real
> argument against all adult human beings having equal rights under the
> law.
> Indeed you are right that government should not recognize or
> discriminate against any persons. This means no restricting marriage
> certain combinations of persons, no race, gender, or sexual
> check boxes on forms, and no government facilities segregated on the
> basis of gender. Especially when government is trying to force
> to identify with a gender which is not the individual's gender of
> choice.
> As the Advocates for Self-government might put it: Who should decide
> which gender you belong to, you or the government?
> Yours in liberty,
> <<< Starchild >>>
> >> Since government still fuels perceptions that
> >> individuals are second-class citizens by legally discriminating
> >> against
> >> them,
> >
> > Your premise is false from a libertarian perspective.
> > Libertarians should seek to remove the government from
> > officially *recognizing or discriminating* against
> > any person or persons. That does not mean special
> > government privileges for certain persons, married,
> > gay, straight, or whatever. It means getting the
> > government out of the business of registering,
> > licensing or otherwise regulating these lifestyle
> > choices in the first place. The first principle
> > of libertarians ought to be that government is not
> > the answer, and that private, voluntary solutions are
> > far better than using the coercive force of government
> > to enforce some pet social policy or enact some social
> > change.
> >
> > Starchild, you frequently seem to take the position
> > that government *is* the answer, so I question your
> > understanding of libertarianism.
> >
> > Yes, I know this is one of those "you're not libertarian
> > enough" messages that everyone hates, but it needs to
> > be said.
> >
> > Jeff C.
> >
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