Ideas for a bulk mailer

Hi all,

After our mailer for the June election, I have a few takeaways to share and ideas for how our next mailer can be even better.

1. We mailed 2,678 postcards but received ~$0 revenue as a direct result (nothing evident).
2. Getting the postcards printed through Click2Mail was convenient, but it still isn't that cheap for what we get (still 41c/piece for a 4.5x6 postcard).
3. The amount of information we could fit into the postcard is very limited.
4. We did reach many libertarians who didn't know we are active-- anecdotally evidenced by at least a few people contacting me to say "I'm glad there is a Libertarian streak starting in San Francisco!" (d'oh!)

We spent about $1100 on 2,678 postcards-- 41c/piece. We can do better if we skip the middleman (Click2Mail) and do it ourselves. Here's what I'd like to do:

- I will use my own printer (I'll cover the cost of ink, not extravagant)
- We pay for paper + envelopes ($0.05 a piece)
- We send out as USPS Marketing Mail ($0.25 a piece)

I would like to include in each envelope:
1. A personalized letter explaining the mailer + how to connect with us (with the recipient's name-- shouldn't be too hard)
2. A 1/2 sheet with our ballot recommendations (there are not nearly as many this time!)
3. A membership/donation form (possibly even a pre-addressed envelope for them to mail it back?)

Here is my thinking:
- People are more likely to pay attention to an envelope that they open
- We get important voter info out + let people know we are active
- We (hopefully) see a membership bump. Getting a membership form into their hands is a big step.

All in all, I would estimate about $0.30 a piece cost to the party. If we mail to 2000 voters (filtering the returns out of our previous mailer) that's only $600. That's seems well worth it to me, especially if we get new memberships out of it!

Would appreciate any thoughts on this idea. I am still in the early stages of information gathering-- hoping to get some input from other counties-- but I would like to see this happen before the November mail-in voting begins-- so we would need to be ready to mail by October 1! I think it's doable, and I'm willing to put all this together (could use some help stuffing envelopes!) but doing some of the work ourselves will mean a significant savings and better bang for our buck.

Hope that's not too much to take in. I've got a bunch of other plans, so I'll try not to overload you all :slight_smile:

Hi Nick. Excellent idea--I vote YES! I'll help with drafting the
recommendations for the mailer and stuffing envelopes. October 1 is none
too early, as I noticed when I was at the DOE on Monday morning that
October 9 is the first day for voting at City Hall, and we know the Voters
Handbooks usually start arriving in the first week of October. Also
noticed a call for poll workers mentioning $195/day. Didn't it used to be
only $50/day just a few years ago? The cost went up almost 4 times in just
a few years?!


When I was in high school or college I knew students that would take time off school to be poll workers. The pay was the same, so actually it has gone down to due inflation.

Good idea Nick….and generous of you. A good sales pitch always asks for the order and makes it easy to say “yes”.


Great idea, Nick. Will be happy to help with whatever needs doing including stuffing envelopes if it all happens when I am in town.I will be in Africa from Sept 11 to Sept 27 but the beginning of Sept is possible. So is Sept 28 to about Oct 11 (when I leave for NYC) Sundays and Fridays never good at any time but other nights and some days are possible. In any event let me know when you need help and I'll try to be available.Françoise
Francoise Fielding, Esq, 820 Stanyan St. #5, San Francisco, CA 94117, 415-386-8643

I would definitely include anything that suggests we are getting traction, such as being publicly targeted for comment by our detractors. Nothing gets people going like little successes against overwhelming odds.

While we do it more out of principle, most people tend to give money more readily and get involved if they see results. Let’s show them results whenever possible.