Idea - Require candidates to prepare advance resignation letters

I stumbled across this in a 2003 Reason interview ( with Otto Guevara, head of the Movimiento Libertario in Costa Rica:

Julien Sanchez: You've had some problems on the way, including, I believe, the defection of one of the diputados you elected.

Otto Guevara: Yes, three weeks after the elections, one of them resigned. It was a blow to us, we took a fall, but we got up and brushed ourselves off. In that case, we were tricked by someone who passed himself off as a libertarian in every detail. But he had another agenda. I expect that next time we'll be a bit more careful about who runs under our banner. One thing we want to do is ask candidates to submit resignation letters in advance, as part of a contract that would allow the party to recall legislators who don't adhere to the principles they profess during the campaign. One year ago, I presented this idea to the courts as a hypothetical, and I'm still waiting for their reply.

  Allowing parties to recall legislators who don't stick to their promises strikes me as an excellent reform.

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