Idea for the LPSF website

How about a section like the one we have for charities, for LPSF
members to recommend pro-freedom books and films? We could have a list
for each, listing them in order of how many people in the group
recommend them.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


  Yes, definitely, link them to! But I think you're right
we've been through that exercise before. Would it work to just start a
list using the same template as used for listing the charities liked
by different members? Ideally there'd be a form to fill out on the
site, so that you or someone else you show how to do it wouldn't have
to add each listing manually.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Did this list of books ever get compiled? I'm happy to do a "Recommended
Resources" page just like the "Non-Government Solutions" page, but I don't
have time to compile the list myself.


Dear Rob

I have such a list and will have to dig it up again and send it to you for review. However, if you have the old version of the stored somewhere it was on that old one.

Ron Getty

This is all I could find:

I'd add Radicals for Capitalism and remove Badnarik's book. But I thought
there was a longer list somewhere.

Dear Rob;

There was a special link for the book list appears to be gone. I'll get the list I think I know where I saved it. When I find it I'll send it to you

Ron Getty

Sorry. Found it on another snapshot.

So, for it to mirror the Charities page, do we have people willing to step
forward and recommend these books and write short statements about them?
Starchild's idea was to mirror the Charities page here:

So, I'm thinking the same 3-column table for the books/movies list.