Idea for signatures for Phil's petition

Dear Rob:
Just an idea for getting signatures: the Pacific Research Institute may
have a number of libertarians who live within the district who would be
willing to sign Phil's petition. Rather than getting them one by one
you might be able to get a bunch with one visit.
Might be worth a call to see if there is any interest and if an email to
staffers could be circulated there.
Contact info below

San Francisco Headquarters
755 Sansome Street, Suite 450
San Francisco, CA 94111
Tel 415-989-0833
Fax 415-989-2411

Great idea. I checked the 18 names here:

against the database of CD-8 Libertarians, and not a single one was
listed. But I'll contact them so we can have some backup signatures
just in case of some of our signatures being challenged. As it is now,
looks like we will have 42 (minimum required is 40) after I get 7 from
Starchild and one more of my own (I currently have 34 in my possession).

Rob wrote: