I would like Allen Sherzer to serve on the LPC Platform Committee

Hi everyone,

I forgot to raise this again at our meeting a week ago, but we discussed
at the October meeting briefly. We need to choose a member to represent
us on the state party's Platform Committee. There were only 2 members
who expressed interest at our meeting or otherwise, and they were Allen
Sherzer, who has recently joined the party after moving from Michigan,
and Starchild, who has served on it previously.
Allen confirmed last night that he is still interested, and I think it
would be a good chance for him to get more involved with the party. He
is a long-time Libertarian and knows the philosophy in and out, and he
self-describes as a "big-tent" Libertarian, meaning he wants to grow the
party while preserving our principles. Personally, I believe that
Starchild or Allen would make great choices, but it would be good to get
more folks involved.
I don't think we really need to do a formal vote for this, but I'd like
to give everyone a chance to voice any support or objection. Please let
me know if you have any thoughts.

Hi Starchild,

I think I got a call from you but can't be sure, it was kind of garbled.
I'm going to have a hard time talking this week, I'm about to head back to
Michigan for the holiday. Perhaps we can do this over email where I can
write when I have time? I told Nick I'd like to do it but do think the
spot is yours if you want it.

I do want the party to grow and win elections, I want us to have an effect
on the world. But I agree about the danger of watering down our ideas. I
would want to stay in the mainstream of Libertarian thought but interpret
that as broadly as possible. I also think I'm representing the SF
Libertarian Party I should be guided by it. So on any platform plank I
would vote and argue whatever consensus/vote we take regardless of my
personal views should there be any conflict.



Any luck suggesting me as a speaker?

Warm regards, Michael

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Hi Allen,

  Yeah, I called you earlier and left a message. I think we have some time on this, so maybe you can call me later if you're too busy this week? Or if you're going to be at the airport, maybe you'll have some time while waiting there (I find I often do)... I'm at (415) 625-FREE (3733), if that wasn't clear in the phone message. I keep irregular hours, so any time you'd like to try me is fine!

  Definitely agree about growing the party and having an effect on the world, as I believe every sincere Libertarian does – the challenge of course is how to make this happen! Some people think watering down, soft-peddling, or hiding what we stand for makes it more likely to happen faster, but I don't think that's the case; growth or "wins" achieved by such methods are not likely to produce sustainable pro-freedom change. Anyway, I look forward to chatting when you have a chance.

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild

Sorry, the airport was nuts. I will try and call this week when not with family. I will be back Friday afternoon so will call then if not sooner

HI Starchild,

I enjoyed last night, thanks for putting it on.

What do you think about the Platform Committee? If you want to keep doing
it, no problem. If not, I'm happy to take over.


Hi Allen,

  Me too, thanks for stopping by! My goal is to build the Town Hall Freedom Caucuses into a major monthly "big tent" event. :slight_smile:

  I'm comfortable with you serving as our Platform Committee rep., but let's continue the dialogue.

  One thing not specifically related to the Platform that I think is extremely important and which I mentioned last night only in passing is transparency.

  Sometimes with LPC or LP committees, there have been attempts to conduct discussions out of the public view or limit the participation of Libertarians not on the committees (short of voting; obviously only committee members should vote). I believe you said you are also an advocate of transparency – I hope you'll strongly resist any such attempts to have the Platform Committee discussions or information limited to committee members.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

HI Nick,

I have the Starchild seal of approval! :slight_smile: So I am ready to serve on the
Platform if still desired.