I want to renew my San Francisco Libertarian Party Membership

I want to renew my San Francisco Libertarian Party Membership but when I
hit the button I get the California Libertarian Party Membership instead.
I am now staying in Oakland. Is there an Oakland Libertarian Party?
Sam Sloan

Hi Sam,

I'm glad you are going to renew! The LPSF is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of California, so the memberships are shared. There is a Libertarian Party in Alameda County (http://www.lpac.us/home/), so if you prefer, you can set your county affiliation to Alameda when renewing. I'm sure they would be glad to have you!

We have been directing users to the state party's signup form while we work on improving our own. We are in the process now of revamping the membership page on our website, so this will be much easier soon!

For now, you could renew through the state party's form at https://ca.lp.org/membership/ (if you don't have a login, just use the "new membership" form instead and we'll take care of merging it with your previous membership).


If you want to renew with the LPSF, you can use our membership form (attached) and either mail it back with a check or send a donation using PayPal (https://lpsf.org/donate). If you decide to use PayPal, don't worry about mailing in the form, just send an email to secretary@lpsf.org and let our secretary, Ryder, know what membership level you are choosing!

I know this is a bit complicated for the time being, but I hope to simplify it significantly in the next week. Please let me know if you have any questions or problems!

Thank you for your support,
Nick Smith
Chair, Libertarian Party of San Francisco

That's great! I just checked and I see your membership, but there's no county affiliation. I will follow up on a separate thread.