I wanna rouse some rabble! - STOP THE WAR RALLY

Thanks for the suggestions. I agree that a moment of silence would be very
effective, and we should plan on doing it.

With regard to the comment about "hundreds of thousands" peace protesters,
I'll be happy to reach my goal of 1000. This will make the rally 5-10x
larger than previous protests at the Federal Building in recent weeks, and
probably enough to warrant press coverage. That said, we'll need all the
volunteer help we can get to achieve even this modest goal. While we have
signed up about 10 cosponsoring groups, most have lent us their names and
little else. We have a small core of people - mostly libertarians -
actually building the rally.

If anyone else in the LP wants to lend a hand, please drop me an e-mail at
joffemd@... or attend one of our Monday night meetings, 7pm at the
Golden House Restaurant, 366 Golden Gate Avenue.