I suspect New York Party Members are Running Interference in my Presidential Election Campaign

Dear Sam,

Thanks for your interview, it was fascinating.

When I lived in NY Bernard Zuckerman was a friend of mine. I've lost touch with him. I recall him mentioning your name on a variety of occasions. Could you be the same "Sam Sloan?" If so, are you in touch with Bernard?

Warm regards, Michael

Yes. I am the One and Only Same Sam.

Bernard Zuckerman still lives in the same place in Brooklyn Heights
NY. However, he has not played in a chess tournament in seven years or
in a major event in more than 20 years. He has become hard to reach.
He calls me from time to time but I cannot call him.

I tried to get him interviewed for the TV show and documentary "Bobby
Fischer Against the world" See

However, he could not be reached in time, even though the show was
produced in Brooklyn near his home.

A sad case.

Sam Sloan