I’m done.

Someone let me know if and when this list returns to the civility it had
a few months ago. I might come back.


Chris Maden posts 17 minutes after me:

CM) Someone let me know if and when this list returns to the civility it had
a few months ago. I might come back. (CM

All that is necessary for the triumph of incivility is that the civil
decline to indict the uncivil by name. If the incivility aimed at me here
weren't so transparent (and thus easily corrected), I might now venture an
analogy to Kitty Genovese, except it seems you have in fact weighed in
exactly twice on this topic in almost two months -- both times with comments
directed apparently at me. If this is how you'd have the lpsf-discuss
community police incivility in its midst, then perhaps you're getting the
amount of incivility you're implicitly asking for?

When the issue with Bruce came to a head, I suggested following warnings with booting offending members. Now the moderators themselves are leaving because of this unresolved problem. Chris and Marcy: would you be willing to reconsider that proposal?

Btw, Bruce's messages haven't appeared because while he's not booted, his account is marked for moderation and the moderators have been leaving his messages in the queue. He still sends several messages daily.

Westover Vineyards
34329 Palomares Rd., Castro Valley, CA
Sunday, October 7, 2007
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Celebrate the harvest season with fellow Libertarians at the award-winning and picturesque Westover Vineyards Winery. Winemaker/owner and Libertarian William Westover Smyth will give a tour and talk about winemaking and his passion for port. Westover produces 23 varieties of port, more than any other U.S. Winery.

• $20 per person ($10 if not participating in the wine tasting, kids free)
• Includes collectible Libertarian wine glass and tasting of select Westover wines and Ports
• Cheeses, fruits, non-alcoholic beverages and other yummy appetizers
• Raffle items (bottles of wine signed by W. Smyth and other goodies)
• Tour of the Barrel Room, winemaking operations and the vineyard
• Enjoy socializing with friends old and new on the garden patio
• Proceeds benefit the East Bay Libertarian Parties outreach programs

Hope to see everyone there!

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Me too.


--- In lpsf-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "Christopher R. Maden"
<crism@...> wrote:

Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for trying. Yes, I now do believe that your
proposal was the best alternative, as much as it hurts me to admit
that fellow Libertarians sometimes do need to be excluded. I (most
reluctantly!) suggest that 1) anyone who posts insults (name calling,
put downs) be removed; 2) forget the moderation/filtering, since we
are all to busy to make that effort. I personally prefer to advise
posters publicly when I feel they have crossed the line into uncivil
behavior, but I am OK if you prefer private advising.

Best regards,