I have Phil's nominating petitions

If any registered Libertarians in Congressional District 8 (Pelosi's
district) want to collect signatures for Phil's nomination this weekend,
please give me a call at 415-762-0524 ASAP, and I'll try to give you
what you need tonight, since I'm flying to San Diego early tomorrow
morning for the state LP convention. I can give you blank petitions and
the phone numbers and addresses for registered Libertarians in any zip
code(s) that you wish.


P.S. My list of people who have agreed to precinct walk and collect
signatures next weekend include Marcy, Chris, Starchild, and myself. If
I've missed any names (my email was flaky for a day or so), or if I've
included your name incorrectly, please let me know. I'll coordinate
times with these volunteers off-list.