Hundreds arrested in nationwide prostitution sting, 100 in Bay Area

From the article in this morning's Chronicle:

"The FBI, working with local police departments, made 642 arrests in 29 cities across the nation in undercover stings over three days last week. In the Bay Area, arrests were made in Oakland, Concord, San Jose, Campbell, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, San Rafael and San Francisco, he said. Schadler said some child prostitutes were rescued during the Bay Area sting operations, but he did not know how many. Nationally, the FBI says, it found 46. The FBI and Bay Area police will offer details of the local sting operations at a news conference today in Oakland, Schadler said. According to the FBI, 73 pimps and 518 adult prostitutes were among those arrested across the nation."

  One has to wonder whether the timing of these stings right before the election has anything to do with trying to get people to vote against Proposition K. Please comment on this article and weigh in on the other reader comments with a thumb in the appropriate direction -- .

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