Huge number of RSVPs on Meetup for Bitcoin social tomorrow night (7pm, SF)

There's a Bitcoin Meetup happening tomorrow at 20 Mission (2415 Mission Street, corner of Mission and 20th). Nothing special as far as guest speakers or anything that I can tell, just a monthly gathering. So when I went to RSVP, I was astounded to see that 83 people have said they will attend! Although not everyone who RSVPs to Meetups actually shows up, this is a huge number. (By contrast, the LPSF monthly meetings posted on Meetup might typically get 5 or 6 RSVPs.)

  This level of interest makes these events a good LPSF/GGLR outreach opportunity. I know some of our activists are already engaged with the Bitcoin community, but this level of interest suggests we might do well to be more deliberate about it.

Love & Liberty,
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