How we win elections...

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                                                        How We Win Elections
                                                        With some of the best election results in history in Washington State for State Representative seats in 2014.

With 5 local wins in 2015.

With the strongest statewide slate in recent LPWA history.

We know how to get Libertarians elected to office. Learn about what we have been doing to accelerate our success, attend our live workshops, or help support the creation of our free Libertarian Leadership Virtual Academy taught by Libertarian leaders from around the country.



C. Michael Pickens

Here is our upcoming schedule:
Sun April 17th - Omaha, Nebraska
Sat April 23rd - Denver, Colorado
Sat April 30th - Dallas, Texas
Sun May 1st - Austin, Texas
Sat May 7th - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sat May 21st - Indianapolis, Indiana
Sat June 4 - Chicago, Illinois
Sat June 11th - Bellevue, Washington
Sat June 18th - Portland, Oregon
Sat June 25th - Richmond, Virginia

Tickets are forty and include lunch.
Sponsorships for the class are available. Everyone will be allowed to participate who would like to. Together we will win elections.
Reviews at the bottom of this page.
                                                                Watch 1 Min Video
                                                                LIBERTARIAN LEADERSHIP
                                                        It is the mission of everyone engaged with our organization, from coaches to students, to elect Libertarians to all levels of government. We are an organization founded by Libertarian Party Members to specifically train and coach Libertarian Party Candidates and Activists to reach their full potential and achieve victory on the political battlefield. We are able to provide free resources, coaching, and consulting free of charge thanks to our sponsors.

We believe in challenging the status quo until liberty becomes the status quo.
                                        Live Seminars ›
                            Libertarian Leadership, 3010 67th Ave, Mercer Island, Washington 98040, United States
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Agreed! Michael Pickens has always been pragmatic. He does not fall for irrelevant bells & whistles.