How To Use Small Claims Court, Tues. Nov. 27, 10am


Thanks for sending this. November 27 is a Thursday (and Thanksgiving). I'd like to check the date at the original source. Where did you get the information?


It was in Supervisor Fiona Ma's newsletter. Given what you say here, I'm guessing either I misread the date or they meant Tuesday November *25*. Unfortunately I already threw away the original email, so I guess I'll have to wait and call her office or the court on Monday.

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Just a quick reminder - If you haven't signed any of
the petitions for candidates yet, drop by Muddy Waters
as soon as possible. (15th and Church)

Several of us have to turn them in by this Wednesday
so if you can't make it this afternoon, let one of us
know so we can arrange another time in the next few

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