How to end the birther issue, once and for all

Greetings from the Left Coast, Eastern Shores,

When the "birther" issue was raised during the first Presidential debate, it seems the issue will never rest. Indeed, Chris Mathews also asked Gary Johnson and Bill Weld about this issue during their "Town Hall Meeting," last week. (Too bad Chris never asked them about their economic plans to "create jobs," which GJ will awe Chris by telling him that as Governor he did not create a single job.)

Still, I can end this issue once and for all.

To see how I propose to do this, see my article I posted at the "Libertarian Wing Media" blog-sphere that Alex Merced runs. (Alex is challenging lifetime politician and serial legislator, Charles "Chuckie" Schumer for the U.S. Senate seat. See: Alex Merced for New York

Alex Merced for New York Lover of Liberty

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Here's the link to the article:

Take a look. Of course I invite your comments.

Thanks for reading.

Alton Yee
The Brooklyn Libertarian Party

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Hello Alton!

You call that article "ending" the issue?! Sounds like you just gave it more mystery. Will your next installment say where if not Honolulu? Who if not Ann? Regarding Mr. O Sr. I don't really care. Loved the article: made me smile.

So Alex is challenging Chuckie. Sounds great! Hope constituents are so tired of Chuckie's strutting and carrying on, they will give Alex a win.