How To Cause Businesses To Lose Money - When You Have A Government Monopoly

Dear Everyone;

This is an e-mail I received informing customers why their orders did not go through if they chose USPS shipping. Good old Post Office helping businesses to lose customers and income.

It's time to pull the plug on the USPS monopoly and all other government protected monopolies like public utitility commissions and this is just another reason why.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Message as Follows From Business Man Who Lost Business:

We've been hearing from customers ordering our course that some of our shipping options don't work.

The facts are that our Fed Ex shipping and UPS shippng are working fine, but the USPS (US Postal Service) options have

The tech people at our shopping cart company explained to me what happened and it has affected anyone using the Post
Office to ship anywhere in the US - it's not just us.

The USPS decided to update their shipping calculation module that shopping cart companies like ours subscribe to. Normally,
that's no big deal and happens all the time.

Not today.

The USPS decided to change some of the actual programming code without letting any of their shopping cart vendors know
about it. This crashed the USPS shipping modules in shopping carts all across the country.

The programmers at our shopping cart company are writing new code to interface with the USPS system and expect to have it all
done and back up by tomorrow AM.

So, if you want your order shipped by USPS instead of Fed Ex or UPS, please wait another 12 - 18 hours to order.