How the Shrimp Tariff Backfired

Dear Everyone;

A really great article from the Mises Institute on how the shrimp industry through its lobbyists got shrimp tariffs imposed and won the battle but lost the war. I remember back when the US shrimpers got their tariffs and how all of them were so happy because of the protection of their industry. They turned out to be all wet when it came to winning. Ultimately the only ones who won were the lobbyists and the attorneys working for the US shrimp industry - the shrimpers got left high and dry.

According to data published by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), total shrimp imports to the United States have increased by 14 percent since the tariff was imposed, while domestic shrimp prices have decreased by 9 percent. Also, US shrimp imports from the six countries targeted by the tariff have increased by almost 20 percent since the tariff was imposed.

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Ron Getty
SF Libertarian