How the polls are falsified and why

How the polls are falsified and why
  Are some polls phony, and some of them real?
  The mass media wants us to disregard some polls and pay attention to others.
  Why are some polls blessed and others scorned?
  Listen to how the "official" polls are done.
  This poll is done by "IMC polling":
  Did you hear Ron Paul's name?
  The subject pressed �g6�� to choose �gOther�h. However, even though he pressed �g6�� to choose �gOther�h, the system responded as if he had pressed �g7�� and announced that he had been removed from the list. Keep in mind that �g6�� is about as far as you can get from �g7�� on a telephone keypad. He�fs sure he pressed �g6.
  Exactly who is "none of the above"?
  Why is answering "none of the above" treated as if you had asked not to be called in the future?
  It looks like "IMC" is the Independent Media Center.
  See their website here.
  Does Independent Media Center have accountability?
  Look at this:
  You will find:
  "Believe it or not, the Indymedia has no central office, and therefore we have no address, phone number or fax. That said, many Indymedia centers have offices. You can find Indymedia contact information for local IMCs at .
  Try this and see if you find anything other than evasion.
  Did not the media claim that Ron Paul's supporters were "hacking" the polls???
  Yet Ron Paul breaks the records for fund raising.
  Why is Ron Paul NOT EVEN IN the GOP STRAW POLL?
  Visit these (vote while you are there):
              Who do you prefer for the GOP presidential candidate? John Cox 0% Rudy Giuliani 2% Alan Keyes 3% Mike Huckabee 7% Duncan Hunter 4% John McCain 0% Ron Paul 52% Mitt Romney 8% Tom Tancredo 2% Fred Thompson 23%
          Who do you think will win tonight's GOP debate? * 4413 responses Mitt Romney
0.5% Mike Huckabee
1.1% Ron Paul
97% Fred Thompson
0.3% Rudy Giuliani
0.4% John McCain
    Who do you think did the best in the debate?
        Ron Paul 22% Mike Huckabee 20% Rudy Giuliani 20% Mitt Romney 16% John McCain 9% Fred Thompson 9% Tom Tancredo 2% Duncan Hunter 1%
  (Numerous questions: Visit the poll to view the responses)
  (Numerous questions: Visit the poll to view the responses)