How Hillary Skated Free From The FBI


  How Hillary Skated Free From The FBI - Lunch Alert!

Published on on October 4, 2016

Dear Friend, This Dick Morris Lunch Alert! sponsored by Money Morning. Click Here to give me your thoughts and continue the discussion. Thanks for watching! This Dick Morris Lunch Alert! Is Sponsored by
Money Morning: Thanks to several pieces of controversial legislation, a new commodity has emerged that's making tidal waves all over America.

This year it's expected to create $6.7 billion of new wealth.

By 2020, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch estimate that will grow to $35 billion a year.

And many experts believe it could eventually become a $150-$200 billion industry.

The New York Times describes what's taking place as a "gold rush."

And now, one event is going to trigger an explosion for this commodity.

The economic impact is what makes the following presentation a must-see for all Americans.

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