How Far Have We Come? If At All?

Dear Everyone;

I have been reading " At Cannan's Edge" about the last three years of Dr. Martin Luther King before his asssasination. A chapter covering mid - 1965 about the exclusion of black males from juries in the South after a white civil rights pastor was point blank shot gun murdered by a Klansman. The chapter also pointed out a court action filed for the Federal District court covering Alabama that woman were completely banned from jury duty not just black males.

Then it went on to relate women were discriminated against in 30 other states from jury duty for one reason or another. The US Supreme Court at that time upheld a Florida jury duty requirement where a woman to be on a jury had to petition to be considered for jury duty. Now I know why the classic Hollywood movie "12 Angry Men " was called that instead of "12 Angry Men and Women".

Of course today we have justice is blind jury selection and we don't face those problems - right? And selective discriminatory jury selection doesn't take place by sex or race or religion - right? How far we have come time wise in those 40 years but how little we have come in the trappings of civilized non-discriminatory jury selection.

Same Old - Same Old just more efficiently cloaked and covered and clothed in high falutin' jurispudence.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian