House Defeats Iraq War Funding 149-141-132; Pelosi Votes No

Dear Marc;
Maybe then the new president could have Bush and Cheney charged with promoting terrorism and have them sent to Gitmo and be tried as terrorists before a military tribunal with all the rights and protections the Nazis had at Nuremberg. Of course people who did participate in the Nuremberg Tribunals would be shocked at the comparison because they could find no comparison. But then the people conducting the trials wanted to be certain that all the norms of so-called international law were scrupiously adhered to under the eyes of the international community. Just like at Gitmo.
I'm sure Bush and Cheney would like nice dressed in those international camoflage orange jump suits with leg and arm shackles tied at the waist and wearing black hoods. It's the latest fashion statement for terrorists. Whoo hoo!!!
And then of course including all the members of Congress who voted yes on the funding of the war.
Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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